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Residential Eavestroughs Lethbridge, AB

A technician installing new residential eavestroughs in Lethbridge, AB.

Residential property owners in Lethbridge may not have to worry too much about heavy rains in the prairies; however, that doesn’t mean this part of Southern Alberta is free from severe weather conditions. From heavy snow to strong winds, you want to make sure your residential eavestroughs in Lethbridge are durable and effective.

Your trusted team of Lethbridge eavestrough installers at RoofEdge Eavestroughing is your first choice for outstanding service and excellent custom-made products built from high-quality materials. Whether your rain gutters are old or have suffered from water damage, now is the time to consider new residential eavestroughs. Lethbridge homeowners will benefit from maximum efficiency and increased safety when they choose RoofEdge.

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    What To Expect From Our Services For Residential Eavestroughs In Lethbridge, AB

    For a huge project such as installing new eavestroughs, Lethbridge homeowners need to understand the reason why they need a new system, how it is going to protect their home, and how the experts do it properly. That’s why the first step will be to schedule an in-home consultation and inspection service.

    When you know you need new eavestroughs, Lethbridge service technicians will back your needs by introducing to you our residential five-inch K-style gutters that come with standard aluminum materials. However, it is not your usual K-style system; we have enhanced it with custom mitred corners to improve functionality and detail.

    During the consultation, we’ll tell you in detail about materials used to create perfect eavestroughs. Lethbridge property owners will be surprised to know this includes small objects, such as non-corrosive fasteners and brackets and the use of high-quality bolts instead of unreliable screws.

    Next, our team of experts will closely inspect your existing eavestroughs. Lethbridge homeowners who have or have not been regular with their gutter cleaning maintenance can still experience problems with their soffits and fascia. If that’s the case, we’ll be more than happy to provide you with some minor repairs prior to the installation of your new eavestroughs. Our service technicians will also take detailed notes on your roofline’s overall measurements, including any roughly-shaped areas. But there is need to worry because it will all be custom-made. It’s also important to note that they are seamless gutters because we believe they are the most reliable, leak-proof systems.

    After our initial meeting, we’ll hopefully have answered all your questions, gathered all the information we need to get started on your Lethbridge eavestrough project, and provided you with a cost estimate. We’ll give you a reliable turnaround time for when we’ll have your residential eavestroughs ready, so we can agree on an official installation date.

    When it’s time to install your new residential eavestroughs, the service professionals at RoofEdge will have all their gear ready to get to work! Though it is a longer route to get to this stage, it’s highly important to us that every detail is covered to avoid any misunderstandings or miscommunication. And you’ll be glad to hear that your Lethbridge eavestrough installation service will merely take a day!

    Why Choose RoofEdge For Residential Eavestrough Installations?

    The outside of a home after RoofEdge has finished installation for new copper residential eavestroughs in Lethbridge, AB.

    RoofEdge Eavestroughing was born in 2011 when owner Bart Aleman purchased his first gutter machine. With his background in construction, he knows exactly what works and what doesn’t. As a local resident, he’s not only familiar with how houses are built in Lethbridge, but also the key problems that lead to costly repairs—namely, inefficient eavestroughs.

    Lethbridge’s climate can easily wreak havoc on your exterior drainage system, often without you knowing until it’s too late, and you’re left with costly foundation and roof repairs. So we decided to raise awareness and put an end to this problem by designing and crafting high-quality, custom eavestroughs Lethbridge property owners can depend on.

    We guarantee that with our custom-tailored eavestroughs, Lethbridge homes will not only be better protected, but also have increased curb appeal and resale value. Besides high-quality products and professional service, we offer a three-year workmanship warranty on our residential Lethbridge eavestrough installation services.

    Our company goal is also to create strong relationships with our local clients and ensure their homes are protected from the elements, so they can lead a comfortable life.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Eavestroughs In Lethbridge AB

    We understand that new residential eavestroughs can be a huge investment, which is why our local professionals are here to do it right by offering high-quality, hand-crafted products and excellent workmanship, and, of course, by answering any questions that you may have to facilitate your decision-making process.

    Feel free to contact us if you don’t see your specific question listed.

    How Much Does A New Residential Eavestrough Cost?

    There are many factors that you need to consider, starting with the choice of material, the square footage needed, and installation labor. At RoofEdge, we do have set rates for our high-quality premium aluminum but in order to give you a clear cost estimate, we’d require the exact measurements of your rooflines. This way, we’ll be able to make the proper calculations that will include labour, as well as number of downspouts and whether you prefer to have a leaf guard system installed on top of your residential eavestrough. Our technicians will ensure every detail is covered during a consultation, so your cost estimate will include all the information needed for your gutter installation.

    Should I Replace My 20-Year-Old Residential Eavestroughs?

    Lethbridge homeowners should definitely consider a replacement for gutters that old. Your system may have reached its lifespan, given that it has received plenty of maintenance and necessary repairs to withstand the elements.

    While our answer leans towards yes, we would like to carefully inspect your old eavestroughs in Lethbridge and check for potential underlying issues. Surrounding materials, such as your fascia board, soffits, and siding could also be affected by your old gutter’s decreased efficiency. When you opt for new residential eavestroughs in Lethbridge, the technicians at RoofEdge have you covered.

    What Are The Telltale Signs I Need New Residential Eavestroughs In Lethbridge, AB?

    Lethbridge service technicians have seen and handled a series of residential eavestroughing problems. While some units can get away with repairs, a lot of the time, that would be a temporary solution and may require you to invest more time and money in gutter maintenance services.

    However, the top signs that you need a Lethbridge eavestrough replacement service include:

      • Leaky eavestroughs: Lethbridge homeowners who experience leaks have regular sectional gutters that either have a hole or a crack in the joint area. It’s likely intensified by a clog.
      • Water damage on exterior wall and surrounding area: When your gutters are already clogged with grime and debris, and it begins to rain, stormwater won’t have anywhere to go but to spill on your roof. When you notice watermarks and stains on your house siding, it’s likely that various other areas have suffered from water damage. Check your soffit vents for clogs, fascia board for wood rot and your attic for moisture damage and lack of ventilation.
    • Pest infestation: Birds like to build nests in residential eavestroughs. Lethbridge homeowners with this problem may hear wing flutters or birds chirping near their windows. Chances are they built a nest on your roofline. But there are more problems, such as mosquitoes breeding in stagnant water or rodents finding their way into your attic.
    • Peeling paint: Peeling paint indicates weather damage, whether it’s from the rain or UV rays. While it may be easy to fix, you won’t know for sure until you hire a professional to inspect your residential eavestroughs. Lethbridge eavestrough installers often detect underlying issues that may include worn out fascia units or severely damaged eavestroughs.

    Lethbridge homes that show these warning signs either need urgent repairs or a replacement to recover their exterior drainage system.

    Do You Offer Round Eavestroughs in Lethbridge?

    We certainly do. We have six-inch half round residential eavestroughs. Lethbridge homeowners can pair these with efficient aluminum or copper downspouts that are also round and come in the sizes of three or four inches in diameter. These round downspouts are fairly versatile and also work with K-style gutters.

    Which is Better? Seamless or Regular Eavestroughs?

    The technicians at RoofEdge would opt for seamless units any time. Besides, seamless is the only type that we make because they guarantee a leak-proof experience. They are more expensive for a good reason. On the other hand, sectional gutters are prone to joint leaks, especially when you don’t hire regular gutter cleaning services and inspections. Sectional systems require more maintenance and minor repairs that may include recoating and resealing the surface so they remain efficient and durable.

    With our one-of-a-kind residential eavestroughs, Lethbridge properties will not only get maximum efficiency for their exterior drainage, but they’ll also increase their home value as it is seen as an exterior renovation. You’ll be guaranteed a return on investment!

    Can I Install My Own Eavestroughs in Lethbridge?

    DIY gutter installations are only possible if you plan to install a sectional unit. There are budget-friendly vinyl or aluminum gutter systems that are easy to install, even for property owners themselves. But for the sake of your safety and property’s future, we do not recommend opting for regular, sectional units because they won’t guarantee a leak-free experience, nor will they last you for longer than ten years. Furthermore, the list and frequency of maintenance work required is exhaustive. Alternatively, installing seamless gutters requires the expertise of professionals.

    When you’re after high-quality residential eavestroughs in Lethbridge, the technicians at RoofEdge create custom units that they will efficiently install on your property.

    Note: We are entitled and hold the right to install our custom-made residential eavestroughs. Lethbridge property owners who purchase our product, commit to having our certified installers complete the installation of their new eavestroughs. Lethbridge properties will benefit from our outstanding workmanship and three-year guarantee!

    Do You Recommend I Install Leaf Guards?

    Absolutely! In fact, our quality products don’t just end at the eavestroughs. Lethbridge property owners who choose a leaf guard system can rely on Alu-Rex leaf guard, which is a heavy-duty gutter guard unit that uses two perforated aluminum layers, designed to block access to large and small types of debris, including pine needles. This way, you won’t have to worry about gutter clogs or anything obstructing water flow. It will minimize your maintenance needs and protect your eavestroughs. Lethbridge residents who live in a densely treed area will benefit from Alu-Rex the most.

    When you choose our leaf guard installation service, you’ll get a three-year workmanship warranty, as we are committed to excellent service!

    Will I Have Less Maintenance Work When I Install Your Residential Eavestroughs?

    Lethbridge homeowners will definitely require less maintenance thanks to the quality premium aluminum material used, as well as the custom fit to help maximize performance. Annual eavestrough cleaning services are still recommended. However, if you opt for our Alu-Rex leaf guard system, you can minimize your maintenance needs to just one cleaning service a year, including one inspection service. This way, you’ll get the peace of mind knowing you have highly performing residential eavestroughs!

    The Lethbridge eavestrough specialists at RoofEdge are only one call away if you need anything.

    Need Residential Eavestroughs In Lethbridge, AB?

    Call our friendly customer service reps today at 403-715-4567 to schedule your in-home appointment to ensure you’re protected from rainfall, snowfall, and strong winds. With RoofEdge’s professional residential eavestroughs, Lethbridge homes won’t have to worry about time-consuming maintenance and repeated repairs.

    As experts in everything from residential gutters to commercial eavestroughs and commercial downspouts, we guarantee that with our residential eavestroughs, Lethbridge property owners will thank us for the improved performance and reduced gutter maintenance needs and costs.