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Commercial Eavestroughs in Lethbridge AB

A commercial eavestrough in Lethbridge, AB covered with a protective metal leaf guard.

Southern Alberta is blessed with a slightly milder winter, which allows property owners in Lethbridge to enjoy more of the spring and fall seasons. This means that you get to start your spring cleaning duties early without wasting any time before the rainy season hits. While it’s easy to deal with your commercial property’s interior, you might find yourself requiring a qualified and insured service professional to handle your building’s exterior. From your doors and windows to your commercial eavestroughs, Lethbridge business owners need to ensure their property’s exterior drainage system is effectively redirecting rainwater from their building.

When taking care of commercial eavestroughs, Lethbridge property or business owners often have a building manager that keeps an annual list of maintenance tasks in order to remain compliant and follow every building code. But it’s easy for certain tasks to fall through the cracks because other emergencies occur. When people refer to your roof health, it’s easy to fixate on the neat shingle patterns, rather than pay attention to the important exterior trim and drain system that could affect your roof just as much. With healthy commercial eavestroughs, Lethbridge property owners can rest easy knowing that no water damage, clogs, or other problems will compromise their roof, siding, and foundation.

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Your commercial eavestrough professionals at RoofEdge Eavestroughing are geared up with high-quality materials and expertise to fulfill any job request you have. Commercial buildings are usually tall and complex; therefore, installations for commercial eavestroughs should be left to trained professionals who are fully insured, bringing many years of excellent workmanship.

The Importance of Commercial Eavestroughs in Lethbridge AB

380 mm of rain per year may not seem much for Lethbridge, and neither is 529 mm of snow compared to other regions, but that is not the point. Every property in the world needs protective outdoor systems to stay safe from the elements. If you don’t know the age of your commercial eavestroughs, or it has been a while since you last inspected them, you might be at risk of water damage through undetected clogs and other issues. Perhaps the nasty prairie winds from the southwest knocked your downspout pipe out of place, and that explains the knocking sound on your siding. Over time, that can be very damaging to your pipe and siding and even affect your commercial eavestroughs’ functionality.

Even when you’re not situated by the Old Man River, your commercial property can still flood from problematic eavestroughs. Let’s analyze the top warning signs that call for new commercial eavestroughing.

Top Signs You Need New Commercial Eavestroughs in Lethbridge

Leaky Eavestroughs

It’s still common for older buildings to have sectional eavestroughs where several sections are joined together to form a whole system. Unfortunately, they are prone to leaks and clogs, triggering fast deterioration and other problems, from severe cracks to sagging, that will ultimately overwhelm your commercial property and cause issues with your roof, siding or foundation.

We can fasten loosened joints, but that would be a temporary fix, bringing you no long-term solutions. The same goes to applying repair sealant onto the cracks and holes; there is no guarantee it will save your commercial eavestroughs. Lethbridge property owners who choose those temporary solutions will only risk experiencing further disasters that could include water seeping into foundation cracks, triggering water damage on the protective sheathing or even a basement flood. When you schedule an appointment with our Lethbridge commercial eavestrough specialists, you can rest assured that your new system will efficiently protect you from heavy rainfall without causing leaks or clogs.

Exterior Watermarks and Moisture Damage

Watermarks or water lines on your siding often indicate clogged eavestroughs where the water flow is obstructed by debris like decomposing leaves, bird nests, and other objects, so it spills over the side instead. They could also be a sign of cracks or holes where water is leaking out. Watermarks can even indicate moisture damage that could be caused by blocked downspout outlets.

Your soffit and fascia boards are more than aesthetic trim; they work together with your gutter system by keeping your building’s interior dry by supporting your gutters and venting humidity. But when siding damage is evident because of damaged eavestroughs, you’ll have to take into account that you might also have soffit and fascia damage.

If you notice water lines or other signs of moisture damage along your exterior, be sure to check your gutters. There’s a strong possibility that old or damaged eavestroughs will result in water damage, which will only get worse over time. Replacing them as soon as possible will ensure your property stays safe and protected.

Interior Water Damage

Wet spots on your walls or ceiling indicate the need for inspection and repair of your Lethbridge commercial eavestroughs. These types of roof leaks are often due to clogged gutters spilling water over your roofline, where it may enter through the ceiling or window frames, depending on your commercial building’s structure.

Pests and Nests

If you aren’t already using bird control spikes or commercial leaf guards, chances are that birds might use a partially clogged gutter as a nesting spot. All that grime and standing water is the perfect breeding spot for bugs and insects. It also lures rodents to investigate the area and find ways to sneak into your property.

Lethbridge Commercial Eavestrough Installations

At RoofEdge Eavestroughing, we pride ourselves on the high-quality products that we offer to our customers.

Commercial building owners in Lethbridge will benefit from our heavy-duty six-inch gutter systems made of 24-26 gauge steel. These eavestroughs can carry 40 percent more rainwater than standard residential types of five-inches. Therefore, they are ideal for large commercial properties that require more reliable drainage on days with heavy rainfall. For these commercial eavestroughs, Lethbridge installation experts use 24-26 gauge 3x3 (or 4x4) downspout pipes for efficient routing.

Commercial Leaf Guard Installation

Those who deem leaf guards as inefficient probably have low-quality, plastic-based materials that usually wouldn’t last one season, and we don’t blame you for it. This is why RoofEdge uses a heavy-duty leaf guard system that includes a reliable safeguard. Its perforated surface blocks leaves and debris from settling while still actively collecting and redirecting stormwater into the nearest downspout outlet.

Why Choose RoofEdge Eavestroughing for Lethbridge Commercial Eavestrough Installation?

Our team of professionals have been in the construction industry for over 15 years and know how important it is to maintain healthy rain gutters. Yet, it often gets overlooked and leads to a wide range of disasters that could easily be prevented. No one is keen on maintenance, so keeping it to the bare minimum while still having an efficient commercial eavestrough system is our goal.

Since 2011, we have been creating our very own commercial eavestrough systems with our heavy-duty gutter machine and have completed over 100 successful projects thus far. Over the years, we have grown a dedicated team of eavestrough experts that has built a strong relationship with the locals of Lethbridge and surrounding areas.


For commercial eavestroughs, Lethbridge building owners need dependable systems that last and serve their functions for years to come. For this reason, we offer the following warranties:

  • Workmanship Warranty: All of our commercial eavestroughs and downspouts come with a five-year workmanship warranty. This also includes requests for custom bent box gutters that are common in commercial applications.
  • Leaf Guard Warranty: Our durable leaf guard system comes with a ten-year warranty, during which we’re happy to address any issues that arise.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Eavestroughs in Lethbridge

What’s the Difference Between Eavestroughs and Gutters?

We understand that the term gutter is widely used; however, it has more meaning to it and could be used to refer to the catch basins along the streets. On the other hand, the term eavestrough specifically refers to the drainage system attached to your fascia boards at the edge of your roof.

What’s the Cost of Installing a Commercial Eavestrough in Lethbridge AB?

This highly depends on the overall size of your commercial building and could vary by its design and types of eavestroughs you require. Since commercial buildings have to follow local codes of practice, you may require an additional building inspector that tells you what’s allowed and what not. They will specifically instruct you (or us) how your Lethbridge commercial eavestroughs must be installed. The best way to calculate an estimate is via a consultation, during which we recommend noting down all the questions you might have. Feel free to contact us any time to discuss your specific needs.

How Long Should Commercial Eavestroughs Last?

Commercial eavestroughs are larger and need to be more efficient and reliable than the standard residential system. When you choose RoofEdge for your commercial eavestroughs, they should last you from 20 to 50 years due to the high-end material we use.

We weren’t kidding with the 24-26 gauge steel material. Its thickness and durability are unlike any other metal. Our high-quality gutter materials exceed any eavestrough system and performance you see elsewhere. 24-26 gauge steel is corrosion- and crack-resistant. You can expect your quality commercial eavestroughs to efficiently shed rain and snow without clogging or creating any type of issue.

Can I Do My Own Gutter Installation?

We believe that there are skilled Lethbridge DIY experts who have installed sectional gutters before with success. But at RoofEdge, we produce our own systems and follow specific guidelines that make our products special and unique. Therefore, they also have a specific installation process that only our service technicians are fully familiar with because they know the material and design the best. Even if your commercial property has a trusted team of builders and installers, only we can install your RoofEdge commercial eavestroughs. Lethbridge building owners will benefit from our workmanship warranty and years of knowledge when it comes to installing an exceptional commercial gutter system.

Will Commercial Leaf Guard Installation Protect From Severe Weather Conditions?

Certainly! And to secure your peace of mind, the leaf guard system is also made of high-end steel material like the rest of your commercial eavestrough. Lethbridge business owners will benefit from the perforation on the surface which blocks any debris from entering the system. This way, you can still rely on a smooth water flow during heavy rainfall. The combo of your commercial eavestroughs and downspout outlets will keep your property safe and dry.

In winter, you can rest easy knowing that your leaf guard sits safely on internal hangers that prevent snow from entering your eavestroughs. In the event of heavy snow sitting on your system, the strength of our commercial eavestroughs can withstand the weight. That said, ice dams can still happen, so we always recommend annual inspection services in the spring and fall to ensure your commercial eavestroughs are set for the upcoming season.

What Are Commercial Brown Eavestroughs?

Brown eavestroughs are common in standard commercial applications where many businesses opt for aluminum materials which, up to this day, are very popular because they are lightweight, easy to install, and cost-effective. However, they often require more maintenance. Aluminum does not have a thick, protective layer like our 24-26 gauge steel and, therefore, requires routine maintenance like re-coating or repainting, so it can withstand severe weather conditions like strong winds. Over time, those aluminum materials won’t stand a chance of holding up.

Need Lethbridge Commercial Eavestroughs? Count On The Local Pros At RoofEdge Eavestroughing!

Whether you are in Lethbridge or a nearby community, you can rely on our skilled team at RoofEdge for outstanding commercial eavestrough installation services.

Give us a call at 403-715-4567 to speak with your friendly customer service team and learn about what we can do to make your Lethbridge commercial eavestroughs more efficient. We look forward to working with you and providing you with the best materials for your commercial gutters.