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Lethbridge Commercial Downspouts

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People get carried away talking about rain gutters without emphasizing that they have a partner in crime—downspouts. Downspouts are often referred to as an outdoor plumbing pipe system, designed to support exterior drainage and rainwater management systems to protect a property’s roof and foundation. While your gutter system collects rainwater, it redirects it to the connecting downspout outlets, which ultimately channel the water vertically down to the base of your house. A few inches before the pipe reaches the ground, it bends into an elbow and securely disposes of the stormwater far from your home’s foundation or into a designated catch basin.

But who knew that the materials of your exterior drainage system have to be carefully chosen, installed, and maintained, so you will get the most out of them? Your local Lethbridge commercial downspout experts at RoofEdge Eavestroughing can tell you all about the complexity and odd shapes of some commercial buildings and how they need more durable materials for eavestroughs and downspouts to remain in shape and effective.

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    For over ten years, our team of experts have been creating their own commercial downspouts and eavestroughs, helping many local Lethbridge property owners and business owners feel safe with RoofEdge’s high-quality materials and workmanship.

    Our Commercial Downspouts Types

    Whether you have sectional or seamless gutters, they usually vary in materials, and, ideally, the type of material you choose for your commercial downspout in Lethbridge AB is the same as your eavestroughs. 

    RoofEdge uses 6-inch heavy-duty 24-26 gauge steel eavestroughs for huge commercial buildings. It’s far more superior than standard stainless steel and many other types of gutters. Unlike the standard 5-inch k-style gutter, this one can accommodate up to 40 percent more water and provide a larger and faster draining capacity than standard residential types. The connecting Lethbridge commercial downspouts will be of the exact same material, but you can choose between the diameter of three or four inches. Four inches will enable faster and proper drainage and is highly recommended for larger commercial properties.

    Of course, not all commercial properties are huge and heavy-duty materials may be overkill. Therefore, we offer smaller commercial properties high-quality aluminum and copper with commercial downspout sizes ranging between three and four inches. That is the same quality material we install on residential homes, five-inch K-style systems combined with aluminum downspouts.

    Warning Signs You Need New Lethbridge Commercial Downspouts

    It’s imperative that every Lethbridge property has the necessary means to protect itself from the elements. Heavy rainfall can cause a lot of damage to rooflines and compromise your foundation. Whether you have an efficient sump pump in the basement or weeping tile around your house’s perimeter, they all require backup from your eavestroughs and downspouts to provide effective results.

    If you have a badly maintained gutter installation, you might be in need of gutter maintenance or perhaps you need your entire gutter replaced to restore its original performance and efficiency. If your commercial gutters suffer, so will your commercial downspouts. Lethbridge AB service technicians at RoofEdge have seen it all and want to make the necessary changes required to help protect homeowners from potential floods and costly repairs.

    Clogged Downspouts

    Like every pipe, it will eventually collect debris. It may start with clogged gutters first as those without protective gutter guards could easily trap falling leaves and even pine needles. If unlucky, you have different animal species building nests right on your downspout’s opening, blocking the flow. For this reason, routine maintenance, inspections, and downspout cleaning are recommended.

    Many commercial properties either have flat or low-slope roofs that heavily rely on interior drains that utilize the same gravity system as eavestroughs and downspouts. But it will always depend on the design and the building owner’s preference. But installing Lethbridge commercial downspouts will always be more cost-effective because the installation occurs outside the building, so you won’t need to make any building alterations to fit a drainage system.

    Cracks and Rust

    Any signs of cracks and rust need immediate attention because they signify weather damage and could easily spread onto other parts of the system and decrease in efficiency. Cracks could also lead to water spilling on your siding and cause water damage if you have existing foundation cracks that went unnoticed. Rust on the joints could spread onto the downspout straps and fasteners that hold the pipe securely to the siding. Sometimes, replacing a section will do the job, but if the entire system is older, you will benefit from a brand-new one.

    Pipe Banging Against The Wall

    Southern Alberta is known to be one of Canada’s windiest regions which is why you want to make sure your exterior materials are safely secured. If your commercial downspout has come undone due to heavy wind blowing debris against the system, fasteners are likely knocked off the wall. We have seen how strong winds can cause severe property damage by knocking off shop owner’s commercial downspout sections. What’s left of the pipe will continue dangling in the wind and knock against your exterior walls. That’s perhaps the only downside of lightweight aluminum, it’s not suitable for Lethbridge’s weather standards.

    Basement Flooding

    You are susceptible to basement flooding if you have unsecured siding and foundation cracks. Another issue is a damaged or non-existent downspout extension or elbow. All that stormwater would pool around your home and leak through your basement windows.


    Eroded soil is the result of excess wind and water activity. If your commercial downspout in Lethbridge AB has contributed to that, it’s not laid out correctly and could cause further damage in the nearby areas. It will need to be rerouted and optimized.

    Pipe Pulling Away From Roof

    If the pipe is coming off, so is the entire eavestrough system. The culprit is likely rotted fascia boards or a poor initial installation. If you hire our licensed Lethbridge commercial downspout technicians, we will guarantee that your new eavestrough system and downspouts are of the best quality and installed properly. One of our favourite products are our copper gutters, which are highly durable and long-lasting. During installation, we’ll ensure your fascia boards are in good condition.

    Why RoofEdge For Lethbridge Commercial Downspout Installations?

    Our team at RoofEdge Eavestroughing has been in the construction and home service industry for over 15 years. Born and raised in Lethbridge AB like their family, friends and neighbours, they have experienced and seen the most common problems that property owners have to deal with. Water damage related disasters always lead to costly repairs unless you have a heavy-duty eavestroughing system with decent downspout outlets.

    This is why RoofEdge’s owner Bart purchased his first gutter machine in 2011 and got ready to work. Since then, he has been building and installing customized eavestrough and downspout systems for his local customers and developed strong relationships with residential and commercial property owners who are now benefiting from Bart’s one-of-a-kind systems that will last for many years to come!

    Workmanship Warranty

    Our Lethbridge commercial downspout and eavestrough systems come with a five-year warranty that includes parts and labour. Please note that when you purchase products from RoofEdge, they are customized specifically for your needs. For this reason, it’s essential that a licensed member on our team completes the installation service to make this workmanship warranty valid. Whether you choose to purchase gauge steel or copper systems, they are complex and heavy materials that require trained professionals to properly install and are not DIY-friendly.

    Leaf Guard Warranty

    Upon the initial installation, we recommend to our local customers in Lethbridge the ultimate leaf guard system for those who tend to fall behind with gutter cleaning. Enjoy our highly durable Alu-Rex leaf guard with a ten-year guarantee and say goodbye to clogged leaves!

    Frequently Asked Questions – Lethbridge Commercial Downspouts

    How Do I Keep Maintenance Work To A Minimum? 

    If low-maintenance is preferred, it’s best to upgrade your current Lethbridge commercial downspout now so it’s already optimized. This way, you won’t have to worry about future maintenance, repairs or replacements. 

    Once we have completed your commercial downspout and eavestrough installation, we recommend our leaf guard installation service as an added protection against leaves, debris, and other foreign objects. Though leaf guards offer a no-clog guarantee, we still advise our customers to schedule routine checkups for cleaning and inspection services.

    Can You Make My Commercial Downspout Connect To A Rain Barrel?

    In some cases, certainly. But in larger commercial buildings, there will be some local code requirements, stating that commercial downspouts in Lethbridge AB need to point towards the front or back of a building, allowing the runoff to drain to the storm sewer. In terms of commercial applications, having a rain barrel could pose a safety hazard if it were to ever overflow. Having excess water spill around your commercial building could easily lead to a flood. However, rain barrels are more flexible for residential homes.

    What If I Own A Commercial Building with a Flat Roof?

    Many commercial properties either have flat or low-slope roofs that heavily rely on interior drains that utilize the same gravity system as eavestroughs and downspouts. But it will always depend on the design and the building owner’s preference.

    Installing Lethbridge commercial downspouts will always be more cost-effective because the installation occurs outside the building, so you won’t need to make any building alterations to fit a drainage system. Our team of commercial downspout specialists are happy to learn more about your project plans and help you determine if it’s possible to install a Lethbridge commercial downspout.

    Do Your Eavestroughs and Downspouts Come Pre-Coated?

    Standard aluminum and stainless steel systems have protective coatings and need to be recoated periodically. 

    However, RoofEdge offers 24-26 gauge steel that already comes with a rust-resistant metallic coating that does not need additional coating. It will naturally withstand heavy winds, rain, and even hail. Also, if you opted for copper, it would not require any coating either because it’s a genuine and natural type of metal that does not corrode.

    What’s The Cost to Install Commercial Downspouts?

    Lethbridge AB property owners are welcome to give us a call regarding pricing and estimates. We are dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional customer service and transparency. In order to give you a proper estimate, our team of experts need to know the type and size of what you are looking for and how many you need. Plus, we need to take exact measurements and also inspect your existing system and check if your current eavestroughs are compatible with our downspouts. Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about how we handle pricing, and we’ll be sure to cover every important factor. 

    Do Commercial Downspouts Come in Different Shapes?

    There are certainly different shapes in the markets, from round to rectangular to k-style. We offer round types at a diameter of three or four inches. We personally find that round systems are more efficient at water drainage just like most plumbing pipes are. 

    Can I Install My Own Commercial Downspouts?

    Lethbridge AB property owners who plan to install their own commercial downspouts would have to check with their local building code requirements. We believe that besides a permit, you would need a license to do any form of construction work on a commercial building.

    That said, our products are individually made and customized for every customer. For that reason, it’s imperative for us to conduct the installation.  

    Looking For Commercial Downspouts in Lethbridge AB? RoofEdge Eavestroughing Has You Covered.

    Are you a commercial property owner in Lethbridge or a surrounding area? If you don’t remember the last time you had an inspection, gutter cleaning, or gutter repair, your office building is at risk of roof and water damage.

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    Our friendly customer service team will be happy to learn the details and schedule a no-obligation consultation appointment, during which we will lay out the options for you and answer any questions that you may have. We look forward to helping you install batter exterior drainage systems to keep your property safe!