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Commercial Leaf Guards in Lethbridge, AB

The roofline of a commercial building with metal gutters and commercial leaf guards in Lethbridge, AB.

When you have made an effort to install brand-new rain gutters, you’ll know the hardest part is done! But what do people refer to when they talk about gutter guards and or leaf guards? Do you need them? While everybody has their own opinion on gutter guards, you can rest assured that the Lethbridge gutter service experts at RoofEdge Eavestroughing are ready to provide you with fully functional leaf guards that will meet your needs.

Lethbridge commercial building owners have praised the convenience and performance of our heavy-duty leaf guard systems because they are designed to reduce the risk of clogs by deflecting large debris and supporting the flow of stormwater.

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    At RoofEdge Eavestroughing, we know how busy you are and want to help you ease the stress of gutter maintenance. Our commercial leaf guard services will not only reduce your maintenance chores, but they will also protect your rain gutters from debris accumulation. Feel free to contact our local pros at 403-715-4567 to learn more about our services for commercial leaf guards in Lethbridge, or keep reading to find out how they can best benefit you.

    About Our Commercial Leaf Guard Services

    We always discuss every service with our customers prior to the project’s start. And our commercial leaf guard installation service is a popular one that many customers find attractive and convenient to have. You’ll always have the opportunity to decide later if you are on the fence and want to see how your eavestrough system works without a guard.

    The systems we use for commercial leaf guards in Lethbridge, AB are perforated aluminum covers or hoods that work very well for most commercial roof types. Your commercial leaf guard system will work best in conjunction with our 6-inch heavy-duty 24-26 gauge steel gutters, which are guaranteed to handle 40% more water than standard 5-inch residential rain gutters.

    Whether you choose to have it installed right away or not, it doesn’t take long. Plus, we put a 10-year warranty on that product, so you can rely on it with ease and watch it work its magic.

    Why Choose RoofEdge Eavestroughing?

    Before RoofEdge Eavestroughing was launched in 2011, our local team was active in the construction industry in the Lethbridge area and gathered a wide range of knowledge and experience. One major thing that stood out to us was how essential exterior drainage systems were in terms of keeping a home safe and dry. But we also realized that it was one of the most neglected areas for maintenance. From interior moisture damage to failing rooflines and foundation damage, we decided to put an end to it by dedicating our knowledge and skills to building custom rain gutter systems for our local community.

    When company owner Bart Aleman bought his very own gutter machine in 2011, RoofEdge took off and has already completed hundreds of successful gutter installation projects. Every property, especially every commercial property, is uniquely designed and, thus, needs custom-tailored rain gutters to effectively perform their job.

    Not only do we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and excellent eye for detail, but we also put a great emphasis on our high-quality products. To ensure you have a near-bulletproof eavestrough system that can withstand Alberta’s extreme weather conditions, we only use premium-grade aluminum and copper materials to build our heavy-duty systems.

    When you choose RoofEdge Eavestroughing, you can benefit from the following perks:

    • 5-year workmanship guarantee on commercial eavestrough and downspout systems
    • 10-year warranty on our leaf guard systems
    • Open to any custom ideas to create your personalized system
    • In-house consultation and inspection
    • Upfront pricing

    With our guaranteed workmanship and client-focused approach, we have built strong relationships with our customers and want to continue to do so. To convince you of our hard work, we invite you to give us a call today at 403-715-4567 to discuss your needs! We’ll ensure to go above and beyond to meet them because we’re not just any eavestroughing company, we are a people-oriented team that listens to our customers. Furthermore, we build our products by hand, so you won’t find them anywhere else.

    Lethbridge Commercial Leaf Guard Service FAQs

    You may have heard lots of pros and cons about installing gutter guards or leaf guards  in Lethbridge and are probably wondering if you really need them after all the mixed opinions you may have encountered. So we’ll do our best to debunk any myths. If your question is not listed below, we’ll be more than happy to assist you on the phone.

    Do Gutter Guards Really Work?

    You might think that having a standard eavestrough system will suffice since Lethbridge doesn’t get tons of rain. However, rain is not the leading problem in Southern Alberta, where we happen to be in the heart of the dry prairie and get long periods of strong winds for a minimum of seven months. That’s the main reason why our rain gutters are made of high-quality, heavy-duty materials that attach securely to fascia boards.

    With our natural weather cycles in mind, you are most likely aware of the windy season that stretches from fall through most of the spring. We have seen numerous gutters pulling away from people’s rooflines due to poor materials and poor installations or gutter traps filling up with leaves and debris within hours. But with our commercial-grade gutter guards, we have helped local businesses maintain a clog-free exterior drainage system. They had previously needed more than three gutter cleaning services each year to protect their roof from water damage, but now they can easily get away with two, including inspections.

    With our Lethbridge commercial leaf guard service, you’ll get the peace of mind knowing that you’ll need fewer service appointments for your commercial gutters, saving you both time and money.

    Are Lethbridge Commercial Leaf Guards Highly Effective Against Heavy Rainfall?

    Definitely! That’s because they are sized correctly to meet commercial needs. Those 6-inch eavestroughing systems are paired with either 3x3 or 4x4 downspout pipes. Together, they are able to carry 40% more water and, therefore, get rid of stormwater faster and more efficiently.

    How Much Does Lethbridge Commercial Leaf Guard Service Cost?

    At RoofEdge Eavestroughing, we aim to provide transparent cost estimates without any hidden costs. In order to make that happen, we offer one-on-one consultations and in-person inspection services. This way, we’ll be able to properly discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have. And while we’re on-site, our local experts can take the necessary measurements of your rooflines and also inspect their health.

    Once we have gathered all the details, and you are happy with our Lethbridge commercial leaf guard installation proposal, we’ll be able to provide you with a cost estimate and a convenient date for our installation service. However, if you have all the information and measurements on hand, we might be able to give you the cost range. Feel free to give us a call and check!

    Will Lethbridge Commercial Leaf Guards Minimize My Maintenance Duties?

    Absolutely! Commercial properties are typically larger and therefore require eavestrough systems with a diameter of at least 6-inches to promote maximum efficiency. And you are right to assume that larger metal traps are more prone to catching and accumulating debris without the support of commercial leaf guards.

    While annual gutter cleaning services are highly recommended, you won’t have to worry about clogged gutters wreaking havoc on your property. A quick inspection will still save you a lot more than regular gutter cleaning maintenance.

    What Other Types of Gutter Guards Are There?

    There are various standard types of guards that may be more convenient for residential homes rather than commercial properties.

    • Micro Mesh: Micro mesh gutter screens are probably one of the most durable types but also slightly more expensive in that matter, and we do recommend stainless steel types if you opt for mesh guards. These covers have lots of tiny holes that block all sorts of debris, including pine needles. It also aids the flow of water without obstructing the path.
    • Screen Guard: Gutter screen guards have bigger holes, so it’s easier for debris to get trapped in them. This means that regular cleaning is required to ensure they continue to perform. They’re more affordable and are also DIY-friendly if you choose to install them by yourself.
    • Filter Foams: Gutter filter foams function like sponges. While effectively deflecting all types of leaves and debris, they soak up stormwater and drain it. The main downside is that these filter foams also suck up all the dirt and oils coming down from your roof. Eventually, after a year’s time, it’s recommended that you replace the foam materials.

    As you can see, most of the solutions mentioned above have a caveat; they either lack efficiency and quality or they don’t reduce your maintenance duties at all. But when you choose Lethbridge commercial leaf guards from RoofEdge, you can rest assured that besides maximum efficiency, your entire property, including the roofing structure, will benefit from maximum protection.

    Do Commercial Leaf Guards in Lethbridge, AB Stop Pests?

    They certainly do! Our commercial leaf guards are made of heavy-duty materials and, therefore, thicker mesh systems than other types you might find in the market. This way, birds and other pests won’t have access to your metal traps, whether it’s to find a place to drink or build a nest. And because the flow of water remains unobstructed, you won’t have to worry about stagnant water and insects.

    How Long Do Lethbridge Commercial Leaf Guards Last?

    The gutters on a home with older gutter guards that should be replaced with new leaf guards in Lethbridge, AB.

    Our Lethbridge commercial leaf guards are all handmade, using the highest quality of premium-grade aluminum materials, designed to withstand the impact of extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rains, wind, snow, and hail. Thanks to their weather and rust resistance, they should last you for over 20 years with regular maintenance to ensure your leaf guards stay in shape. Unlike lower grade aluminum brands, our products are durable, long-lasting, and not prone to oxidation.

    Can You Get Ice Dams With Commercial Leaf Guards?

    The roof of a building with specialized gutter guards in Lethbridge designed to catch snow and prevent ice dams.

    Lethbridge commercial building owners certainly don’t want ice dams to occur on their rooflines. Ice dams can form due to a few reasons: clogged and leaking gutters in the winter or melting snow on the roof surface due to rising heat in the attic, which is normal. Despite the rising heat, your soffit vents are designed to ventilate moisture through your commercial roofline. If they are blocked and unable to move air, condensation and ice-buildup will form, hence the ice dams. Effective commercial eavestrough systems that have been well-installed and inspected shouldn’t have this issue.

    To answer this question more directly, commercial leaf guards won’t prevent ice dams if you have an existing clog that has caused a series of other issues. But a leaf guard will help control the problem. Our heavy-duty commercial leaf guards have a continuous hanger that keeps snow out of the gutters, but at the same time, its exceptional strength can handle the impact of snow and ice.

    It’s highly recommended that you inspect your commercial rain gutters or have them cleaned prior to seasonal changes to prevent issues like ice dams.

    Need Lethbridge Commercial Leaf Guard Services? Hire The Team At RoofEdge Eavestroughing!

    Are you in Lethbridge or a surrounding area and looking to protect your rain gutters? Rely on our skilled team at RoofEdge to meet your needs for commercial leaf guards! Lethbridge, AB businesses will benefit from a low-maintenance system that guarantees high performance for years to come!

    Give our friendly customer service team a call at 403-715-4567 to schedule a consultation or learn about our commercial services, including services for commercial eavestroughs, specialized commercial gutters, and commercial downspouts. We look forward to being part of your next commercial project with our commercial leaf guards in Lethbridge, AB!